Bean Tech President has been in business since early 1999 and has successfully performed over 100 engagements for local and international clients, the majority of which are Web site constructions. All our clients provided references for us.

Devoted to a strong work ethic and dedicated to providing outstanding quality customer service and support.

Experienced on large re-architecture, systems expert who has various industry experience to analyze the business requirements and designed the entire system with software/hardware analysis and created designs(document)

Expert in translating and communicating TECHNOLOGY into meaningful dialogue with executives, business partners, engineers, and customers.


Above all Loyalty is our mantra…to meet customers’ expectations will go above and beyond just IT services.


Our Purpose:

  • Bean Tech delivers complete solutions for web products including start up to corporate enterprises.
    • Masters at Redesigning/Remodeling
    • Promised to deliver 7 day turn over time for a brand new website.
  • Attract and broker the best independent management consulting talent in the industry.
  • Provide our clients with speedy access to a high-quality pool of Business and IT leadership not readily available through the usual consulting channels.
  • Create a financial win for all parties by presenting the most experienced professionals at competitive rates and passing the majority of the bill rate to the consultant.
  • Allow clients to retain control of their work and avoid expensive outsourcing.
  • Help clients better leverage their own people through intentional knowledge transfer.
  • Allow competitive contract-to-hire options.
  • Operate fairly and with integrity in all we do.
  • Retain our reputation through client referrals
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